Alcune trafile per busiate realizzate da Trafile Turconi

Busiate is a typical regional Italian pasta made by hand and also made by pasta machines. In this case a special pasta die containing gears inside, moved by the motor of the automatic knife or the kneading screw of the machine, gives the pasta the unique shape of busiate. These dies are usually made for medium or large pasta extruders, used by well-equipped pasta factories. Given the growing demand for this pasta shape in the fresh pasta and small catering market, we have developed innovative busiate pasta dies that can produce a professional shape, even with small pasta machines used by artisanal pasta makers or restaurants.

The gears inside the small busiate dies can be moved manually by a hand crank or in some cases by the motor of the automatic knife.

We are very proud of these new pasta dies as they have been studied, designed and manufactured entirely by Trafile Turconi.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the information request page of our website, indicating the model of the machine you use or the diameter of your pasta dies.

Good Busiate to all!