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Control throughout the entire production chain

We decided to keep the entire production process in-house to guarantee the quality of the dies and inserts produced for pasta factories.
Keeping all stages of production under our control is essential for obtaining the degree of reliability that we wish to maintain and it allows us to remain competitive in the market.

We design our products using CAD software technology that communicates directly with the workshop’s numerical control machines.


Pasta dies and inserts in evolution

In addition to the design of:

  • linear dies
  • circular dies
  • dies for sheets of pasta
  • direct-cut dies for penne with aerated system
  • penne cutting cones


we also produce a wide variety of pasta inserts. These are designed with great care as they represent the heart of the die. All of the inserts with Teflon are produced with an encapsulated system and protected with Teflon to increase their duration and resistance.